Rose Schiowicz, Co-Teacher

Rose has been part of the Elevation community for a few years and we are excited that she has come on board to teach in the Wonderers’ class. Rose grew up in Silver City and came to Albuquerque to attend U.N.M. As a double major in History and Spanish, she studied abroad in Grenada. Rose earned her M.A. in Elementary Education with a Bilingual endorsement. She has most recently learned about the new frontiers of information technology by earning her endorsement in Library Science.

Rose learned about Elevation through daughter Lily’s playgroup, and her son, Sam is currently one of our newest Explorers! She says she loves the pace of school here and appreciates Elevation’s “emphasis on not rushing,” giving each child time to learn at his or her own pace. We are thrilled that she has brought her kind and gentle spirit to the Wonderers’ class.




Avery Miller, Co- Teacher

Avery Miller grew up in Albuquerque and is attending Highland University with a major in Early Childhood, Multicultural Education. She has taught preschool for eight years and explains that her decision to get more involved with early childhood came from caring for her five-year-old son, Lucas, who is a cancer survivor. “I wanted to figure out how to be the most supportive parent for my child, and the best way I could think of doing that was to become a teacher.” She explains that she was able to learn more about early intervention and special needs through this process. As she relates the challenges of her son’s first years of life in and out of the hospital, you get a deep sense that Avery has a very personal passion for teaching early education. Lucas is doing great—he is in remission and heading off to elementary school this fall.

Avery has familiar ties to professional athletes—her dad was a pro-skateboarder and power lifter (as well as a paralegal). With her boyfriend who is a power lifter and football player, Avery understands all about travelling the country for athletic events. It is a big part of life for her and for Lucas, who also “loves being active.”




Noehmi Salazar-Team Teacher

Noehmi Salazar, Assistant Explorers' Teacher, grew up in the humidity of Kansas City, but moved to New Mexico in seventh grade. Since her first experience as a Special Education Assistant with the Santa Fe public schools, Noehmi says she knew that her "heart belonged in teaching."  Noehmi is currently attending UNM and pursuing her degree in Education and Spanish. Since joining Elevation, she has taught as an assistant with the Explorers and currently teaches the Early Birds. We are grateful that Noehmi lends her bright laughter and gentle presence to the children during enrichment times.