Viajeros Teaching Team

Our Viajeros classroom understands that being fluent in more than one language is a gift and a cause for celebration. This class is taught by teachers who are fluent in Spanish and who share their own cultural heritage with the children. The classroom aims to develop bilingual learning in organic ways such as play, songs, and exploration.


Gavi Guerrero

Gavi brings her vibrant cultural roots and her love of family to the Viajeros classroom. She describes her birthplace of Zacatecas, Mexico, with all its rich culture—art, food, theater, and verdant surroundings. Gavi is also a busy mom of three daughters. Gavi marvels at how curious the Viajeros are and appreciates the kindness of the Elevation community.

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Julieta Montes

Julieta brings warm smiles, years of working with young children, and her deep connection to Mexico to our school. She shared how happy she is working with Gavi, the children, and the community here. Julieta has 20 years of experience working with young children.  Her hobbies include walking, enjoying the outdoors, and yoga. Julieta is surrounded by family--she has four children and is a grandmother of five.


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