Before & After Care

For our families that need care before 9 am and after 3pm, we offer our Early Birds and Night Owls program. These programs offer art, music, science experiments, reading, free play and exploration. If you are interested in extended care, please contact the Elevation Main Office at 505-433-8289


Hanna Boyer- Night Owls Teacher

Hanna was born in California and is currently studying Pediatric Psychology at UNM. She has a familial bond with teaching, as the daughter of an elementary school teacher. “My mom’s whole side of the family are teachers,” she said. “I’ve honestly worked with kids since I was little,” she explained, reflecting how she spent time from the age of eight in her mother’s kindergarten and first grade classes, reading to children and helping in the classroom.

Hanna is focused on her own classes now, but her enthusiasm was once part of the Cheer teams in her high school, where she experienced intense physical training for team stunts and performed at many school games.

We are delighted that Hanna has shared her vivacious spirit with the Night Owls  this year!

Nichloas Helak.JPG

Nicholas Helak- Team Teacher

Nicholas Helak joins Elevation as a team teacher in support of the Pioneers’ program. He is currently earning his B.A. in Clinical Psychology and has an extensive military background. Nicholas served in the U.S. Navy for six years and was a Spanish Linguist for the National Security Agency. He also attended training for BUD/s (Basic Underwater Demolition/Seals).

While he was born in Texas, Nicholas grew up in Northern California and has many family ties here in Albuquerque. His hobbies include film studies and stand-up comedy. Welcome, Nicholas!