Dianna Gonzales- Co-Teacher

Born and raised in Albuquerque, Dianna has a long history of working with young children. After high school, she says, “she always knew that she wanted to work with kids.” This determination led her to UNM, where she studied Early Childhood Development. At AltaMonte Child Development Center, she taught a variety of age groups (from infants to school-age children). Of particular impact was Dianna’s experience initiating summer enrichment trips around the city with children, age 6 through 12.

While she plans to pursue post-graduate classes in Early Childhood, Dianna is also a busy mom to her son. In her spare time, Dianna loves sewing and writing poetry: with lots of material and inspiration from her son, Dianna aspires to write a children’s book.


Jamie Mariano - Co- Teacher

Jamie Mariano enjoys all the energy of the Discoverers’ class. Jamie has taught young children since she was 17, and working with children comes naturally to her from being part of a big family—she has 7 siblings and 13 nieces and nephews. Jamie’s close ties to family come from growing up on the To’Hajiilee Reservation. She commutes from there each day, as her parents did for many years before they retired. Jamie is a caregiver not only to young children; she also works as a caregiver with the elderly on weekends.