Dianna Gonzales- Co- Teacher

Born and raised in Albuquerque, Dianna has a long history of working with young children. After high school, she says, “she always knew that she wanted to work with kids.” This determination led her to the University of New Mexico, where she studied Early Childhood Development. At AltaMonte Child Development Center, she gained experience with a variety of age groups (from infants to school-age children) and developed her career to become a lead preschool teacher. Of particular impact was Dianna’s experience initiating enrichment trips around the city with children, age 6 through 12, as a lead teacher in the summer program.

While she plans to pursue post-graduate classes in Early Childhood through CNM next semester, Dianna is also a busy mom--her son, Cage, is one of our newest Investigators! Cage seems to be following his mom’s love of adventure through his enjoyment of the Bosque and Beyond program.

In her spare time, Dianna loves sewing and writing poetry: with lots of material and inspiration from her son, Dianna aspires to write a children’s book.




Ana Brionez- Co-Teacher

Ana grew up in Albuquerque and is currently taking coursework at CNM and UNM toward her Bachelor’s in Biology with her undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering.

She came to Elevation after four years as the manager of the supervised play area at Defined Fitness. While she loved working with children at the center, it also harmonized with her passion for sports and fitness. Her active hobbies include roller derby, rugby, soccer, softball, and power lifting. “I can bench 90 pounds and deadlift 315,” Ana explains.

Ana gives an impression of inner and outer strength, especially when she states her future goal. “I want to go to medical school to become a pediatrician,” she says. We are excited to know that Ana’s fortitude has come to Elevation, and it is reflected in her generous and energetic way each day with the Discoverers.